Designing Experiences.

Windows Hello

Identity (biometric) and security


Windows Hello Launch

As the lead interaction designer on this project, it was my job to work with my partners to create a design plan. I collaborated with PM, Engineer, Research and Marketing. My deliverables were vision videos, user flows, and prototypes for user research. Click here to download the case study.


The Technology

Windows Hello came to us as a research project which needed UX attention. I did my best to better understand how a technical spec. might fit into a person's day and how those numbers of recognition might feel.

User comfort


Metered Unlock - flow

GooWill.pptx (14).png

Your selfie over x amount of time - flow


Dynamic Backgrounds - flow


UX Permutations of secure login: Messaging and IXD for 2-factor, bio-auth, wearables, input needed (keyboard, gesture, voice, etc.)

Keyframe Explorations

Motion explorations

Communicating error states and messaging


Framing videos to understand technical limitations through a vignette 

Prototypes for UR usability and user perception

Final approved proposal - (prototype)


Final Marketing Promotion

End to end experience/ creative director for Windows Hello experiences across all devices and services.